Body,Mind and Spirit…it’s all about the development and integration of the three; it’s all about “being”!

Good for the body is the work of the body, good for the soul the work of the soul, and good for either the work of the other”. ~Henry David Thoreau

Within our human framework we live in an interesting conundrum. Seemingly opposing forces comprise the basic tiers of our being; we are body, mind and spirit…and on this earth, the stated order is not accidental. It seems to be the way we process our surroundings (physical, kinetic or tactile [the senses], to articulation, reasoning and analysis [raw brain power], to a deepening, a quickening and a sixth sense internalization and processing [the ambiguities of the spiritual]).

I think we’re misled into believing that these are separate things and separate realms we operate in, or there sometimes seems to be an unhealthy societal push to:

1).  glorify body at the cost of mind and spirit or

2). to think the development of mind must be at the cost of the body and the negating of the spirit or

3).  that true cultivation of spirit is to completely deny the body and check your mind and common sense at the door…

How about a radical concept? That they’re all intended to function TOGETHER, (interlocking, interdependent, inseparable) and that the quality and efficiency of your life is dictated by how well you develop all THREE and how well you can make them work as one…

It’s a good idea to respect each and know that one affects the other to an overwhelming degree. Consider that the bolstering of the spirit infuses a strength and a hope that makes the body lighter and the mind sharper, and can even lead to healing and health…the mind can work its will upon the body through regimented actions and discipline or defeat the spirit with negativity and fearful thoughts… the body can affect both the mind and the spirit, positively or negatively.

All this just to say, mind the pieces that compose the whole of YOU, don’t think of them as isolated or abstract concepts and DO think along the lines of  ”integration”…you’ve got three POWERFUL pistons in your engine, fire on all three and that vehicle won’t just put around or scoot, it’ll freakin’ FLY!!! Challenge and feed your mind, challenge and don’t over-feed your body and never forget your spirit!

I think the spirit can be the most elusive to address for many are a bit leery of organized religion and the abstract concepts that address spirituality. If organized religion is not your thing, God is way bigger than church, you can find ways to commune with him and feed your spirit. If you don’t believe in God, that’s absolutely ok too, but you still have a spirit that needs feeding, so find something that satisfies it (you were built that way), do good, commune with nature, meditate, whatever it takes…

Taking care of the body…well, we hear TONS on that, but I want to focus on something very specific. I don’t want your motivation to be strictly vanity [but if it helps, then by all means] or insecurity or being a slave to the image of self. I want you to be motivated by your soul when you realize how good the rest of your being will feel when your body is being tended to and I want you to think “big picture” when you think of your body…it’s the conduit for your expression of anything in this physical plane, and really the “face” of your love and emotions, and it’s what carries you through this journey on this earth. It is your “life support” and even if you don’t have full use of it it STILL houses your mind and spirit…and they can only remain on this earth within it! So TAKE CARE OF IT!! Don’t make any more excuses, don’t treat it like selfishness or frivolity. You’re extending your years for those you love and you’re improving your quality of BEING! You don’t have to look perfect to FEEL awesome, you just have to make an effort. You will have the strength and the energy to chase your dreams and catch them, and it will motivate your spirit to feel strong and capable…you’ll fine tune your mind by eliminating stress through exercise and you’ll sharpen it’s acuity through regular exercise…I can go on for days, but you get the picture : )

The mind, we hear VOLUMES about! We read, we learn new things, work on puzzles, you name it…but I want to focus not on how you feed it, but what you shouldn’t let into your mind. Guard it from negative thoughts, be wary of too much pessimism. Erase every echo that resides in there that says you can’t or that you’re not good enough, or any thought you hold that makes you feel you’re not ENOUGH…isolate and destroy negative thoughts, because after they’re done with your mind, that cancer spreads to your spirit/soul…and what body will be immune from the collapse of the other two?? And be careful of the people you let into your life or the ones you keep that you know you shouldn’t…we can sometimes keep influences that not only corrupt our minds, but destroy our spirits too…(please check out previous posting on topic).

I hope you find your answers and your path and that you “be”…be whole, be complete, be creative, be loving and be happy. I hope you can find the balance you desire and the power to chase the “impossible” (and the power that resides in YOU). I hope you find your passion and your happiness and that your mind, body and spirit all agree and are able to revel in it!